Cutting of Beef Black Angus Carcass in Order to Get Valuable Pieces on HoReCa Market

Vasile Gheorghe Vișan, Dorin Țibulcă, Elvira Oroian, Teofil Eugen Odagiu


The Black Angus breed specializes in the production of premium quality meat; the growth of this breed has been introduced in Romania over the last 10 years. The beefs have been adapted very well to the pedo-climatic conditions in Romania and especially in Transylvania. Through the cutting performed and analyzed, we have succeeded in identifying other new parts that have passed from classical ones, resulting in a higher net profit of meat. Several batches of Black Angus carcasses have been transferred, differently, the resulting pieces have been compared and hierarchized.


Black Angus, meat, cutting, carcasses, HoReCa.

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