Considerations upon the Land Leasing in Rural Areas of Romania. A Case Study - Commune Valcău de Jos. Note II: The Perception Concerning Land Leasing

Camelia Oroian, Larisa Blaga, Antonia Odagiu, Bianca Bordeanu


It is well known that leasing can be perceived as a particularly powerful asset through which it is possible to transform producer workers into co-owners of the means of production. The research was carried out in Valcău de Jos Commune, Sălaj County. The data concerning the tarket group opinion on the issues connected to our research were obtained using the questionnaire methodology. There have been collected data from 100 respondents. The data were processed with program IBM SPSS Statistics. A percentage of 67% of the target group owns the field for leasing, while 33% does not. In the mean time, 47% of respondents did not leaed field, while 2% leased over 1 hectare. The leased field is paid by cash by major respondents, 54% respectively.


statistics, payment, perception, valuation.

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