The Influence of the Rearing Area upon Cd, Al and Pb Levels in Pork Meat

Aurelia Coroian, Vioara Mireşan, Camelia Răducu, Adina Lia Longodor, Luisa Andronie, Igori Balta, Antonia Odagiu


The presence of heavy metals in food in high quantities may pose a risk to the health of the consumer. Highly polluted areas, due to industry, cause high levels of metals in food from these areas. The present study showed that the sampling area influences the amount of heavy metals in pork meat. The Cd content of pork ranged from 0.26 mg/kg (Bistrita Nasaud) to 0.43 mg/kg (Salaj). The content of Al and Pb presented the highest average values from Sălaj and Cluj areas. Al showed a variation of 5.03 mg/kg in samples from Bistrita-Nasaud and 9.64 mg/kg from Sălaj.


heavy metals, pork meat, cadmium, lead, aliminium.

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