The Study of the Efficacy of Wheat Herbicidation. Note I: The Use of Multifunctional Nozzle with Laminar Jet of LU Type

Raoul Roman, Ioan Oroian, Ovidiu Ranta, Antonia Odagiu, Daniela Bordea


It is well known that plant protection activity includes all the measures taken to prevent and combat all pests,
diseases and harmful factors that cause injury to crops. The experiment was conducted in Gilău, Cluj Count y, on an
experimental field. The total area of the experimental field is 6000 m
with a width of 50 m and a length of the field 120
m. The biological material was represented by wheat cultures of the Andrada variety. LU multifunctional lamellar jet
nozzles are used. The statistical processing was done with the STATISTICA v. 8.0 program. Our study shows the
performances accomplished by the use of the multifunctional nozzle with laminar jet of LU type, for different dispersion
pressures and heights. According to Box-Plot diagrams, and clusters resulted from Cluster Analysis, there are identified
differences between the amount of debts and uniformity of debits function of dispersion height and pulverization pressure.


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