Methodology of Testing Significance of Differences in Monitoring Environmental Temperature

Cristian Mălinaş, Ioan Oroian, Antonia Odagiu, Camelia Oroian


Because the climatic factors play an increasing role in day to day life, the statistics may play a valuable role in
emphasizing the evolutions of the weather traits tendencies. The aim of this study is to emphasize the usefulness of using
descriptive statistics in analyzing the datasets of a single parameter of the climatic data, temperature, by different time
periods, during one year, using a specific statistical program, STATISTICA v.8.0 for window. The study was performed
in 2016, in a private potato farm located in Pădureni village, County of Cluj. The environmental temperature was daily
recorded, with an automatized climatic station, during summer period, from June 2016 up to August 2016. The results of
the application of the descriptive statistics show that the temperature evolutions in summer of 2016, within the
experimental area have good homogeneity, and that statistical analysis is correct, reflecting the real data distributions,
and frequencies.


central tendency, data spreading, distribution, quantification, summer.

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