The Study of the Incidence of Powdery Mildew (Microsphaera abbreviata L.) attack in an Oak Nursery in Climatic Conditions of Pădurea Mare, Satu Mare County

Ilie Covrig, Ioan Oroian, Dacian Pop, Mădălina Covrig, Petru Burduhos, Ovidiu Ştefan


The forest health and vitality is threatened by lots of biotic and abiotic agressors, and thus results that global forest
ecosystems are affected by a range of diverse factors. The research is aimed at the study of the incidence of powdery
mildew in an oak nursery from Pădurea Mare, Satu Mare County, and the effect iveness of measures taken in order to fight
against the above mentioned disease. Ternary mineral fertilizer NPK, 15:15:15 was used at a dose of 200 kg/ha.
Phytosanitary treatments were performed with 5 products of synthesis. Data were processed with program STATISTICA
v 8.0. The most effective management solutions for Microsphaera abbreviata L. fungus to produce oysters in oak trees
in the Pădurea Mare Nursery consist in administering treatments with Nativo 300 and Allegro products. The strongest
correlations are reported between attack degrees of Microsphaera abbreviata L. and the precipitation regime, ranging
from R = 0.328, in the case of the Spheres 535 SC and R = 0.242 phytosanitary products, in the absence of phytosanitary


Attack degree, cluster analysis, correlation, statistics.

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