Research Concerning Interior Pollution in Study Spaces

Antonia ODAGIU, Ioan Oroian, Ilie Covrig, Ioan Braşovean, Petru Burduhos, Camelia Oroian, Claudia Balint


A series of available studies show that air pollution, caused by industrial activities and road traffic, has a significant
impact on the health of the population, especially for people living in urban areas, that is, for almost 80% of Europeans.
The experimental part was carried out in the Laboratory of Environmental Quality Analysis of the Faculty of Agriculture,
University of Agricultural Sciences and Veterinary Medicine Cluj - Napoca. The ambient air quality in particulate matter
(PM) with the diameters of 10 μ was monitored. The mean PM10 concentration in the study enclosure over the entire
experimental period, respectively March 6 - May 21, 2017, equal to 52.22 μg/m
, is superior to those reported in the same
enclosure between March 5 and May 27, 2012, equal to 42.79 μg/m
, reported in the same enclosure between March 2
and ay 24, 2014, equal to 42.01 μg/m
, and that reported between 6 October and 18 December 2016, equal to 39.83 μg/m3,
all these three but being below the maximum admissible limit of 50 μg/m



pollutants, particulate matter, momitoring, , statistics.

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