Study Concerning the Herbicidation Efficacy on Weed Density in Maize Crops

Horia Alexandru Pop, Teodor Rusu, Ileana Bogdan


Maize production is one of the most important worldwide. The aim of this study is to emphasize the herbicidation efficacy on weed density in maize crops cultivated in Transylvanian area, Romania, using different herbicidation strategies. A number of 28 of weed species were identified. The application of the various herbicide solutions tested leads to very significant decreases in the number of weed species in proportions ranging from 67% (herbicidation with Basis + Principal + Trend) - 83% (herbicidation with Collage + Trend). For some weed species, total efficacy is identified, while for non-eradicated weeds herbicide solutions with herbicides in variants 4 (herbicidation with Arigo + Trend), 7 (herbicidation with Kelvin Top + Cambio + Dash) and 8 (herbicidation with Collage + Trend), is shown to be satisfactory.


control, herbicide, occurence, variant, weed.

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