Study Concerning the Herbicidation Efficacy on Weed Biomass in Maize Crops

Horia Alexandru Pop, Teodor Rusu, Ileana Bogdan


The maize is one of the most valuable nutritional sources for both man and animals. This study was conducted in order to emphasize the herbicidation efficacy on weed biomass in maize crops cultivated at the Reasearch development Station Turda, Cluj County, Romania, using different herbicidation products. The experiment was carried out between 2015 and 2016, and 8 experimental variants wer used. Concerning fresh biomass, our study shows that the means range from 327.26 kg/Ha, reported in untreated control, and 53.36 kg/Ha, reported for Variant 6, where herbicidation was performed with Titus Plus + Principal + Trend, where best results were obtained. In dry biomass, the largest mean dry weed biomass of 271.59 kg/Ha was also recorded in control Variant 1, and the lowest in Variant 5, where where herbicidation was performed with Principal Plus + Trend.


biomass, herbicidation, significance, treatment, weed management.

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