Inventory, Survey of Cognition and Study of Landscaping Possibilities for Clematis Species in Cluj-Napoca, Romania

Valentin Dan, Erzsébet Buta, Alex Peter Cotoz, Radu Sestraș


The paper presents a possible method to inventory the presence of a ornamental specie in visible areas, associated with a sociological study (questionnaire) to determine the degree of knowledge of the species (Clematis sp.) in the city of Cluj-Napoca. To achieve these two goals, there were held two parallel actions: in a lapse of nearly a year, there were crossed most streets and public spaces in the village, identifying and documenting the specimens of clematis observed, and a knowledge questionnaire was addressed to almost 1.600 persons from various population groups. The results showed on one part the level to which clematises are currently used in the embellishment of urban green spaces and the degree to which these ornamental plants are known to the public. From the data obtained, recommendations can be issued for the promotion of ornamental plants – widely used in other countries for landscaping – and there will be appreciated the need to increase local knowledge in landscape gardening.


clematises, inventory, knowledge degree, ornamental garden, urban green.

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