Research Concernig the Use of Medicinal Plants. A Case Study: Bistrița Năsăud

Camelia Oroian, Bianca Moldovan, Ioan Oroian, Antonia Odagiu, Cristina Moldovan, Cristian Iederan


The profile of today's consumer is increasingly building on a healthy lifestyle, as he seeks to acquire products which contain natural substances beneficial to human body that come from different sources, both of animal and vegetable origin. These sources also include medicinal plants. The purpose of this research is to analyze the consumer's perception on the consumption of medicinal plants and the consumer’s preferences regarding their acquisition puropses for using them. In order to achieve the proposed objectives, a survey based on a questionnaire was carried out, thus beeing collected the answers from a sample of 100 people located in Bistrita Nasaud. The questionnaire was structured into two parts, the first one containing questions about the knowledge and consumption degree of medicinal herbs, while the second one contained questions regarding the respondents profile. The information obtained based on the 20 questions provided in the questionnaire was procesed and rendered into graphics by using the Excel aplication and analyzed by using IBM SPSS Statistics v.22, depending on the complexity of the questions. The obtained results revealed specific particularities regarding the consumption and preception of locals from Bistrita Nasaud on medicinal plants.


medicinal plants, consumers, perception.

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