Researches Regarding the Degree of Coverage When Executing Phytosanitary Treatments with Atom 1000 Sprayer

Valentin Dan Crișan, Sorin Stănilă, Ovidiu Ranta, Ovidiu Marian, Adrian Molnar-Irimie, Victor Bărbieru, Călin Topan


The primary objective of the experiment was to investigate the coverage degree of sprayed liquid on the plant’s surface. To achieve the primary objective, a simulation was done using a vineyard and orchard sprayer and a software that determines the degree of coverage using image analysis. The experiment was conducted at the University of Agriculture and Veterinary Medicine in laboratory conditions using a Atom 1000 sprayer. Sprayed liquid was collected for analysis with the aid of water sensitive paper, placed on three different heights and three diferent positions against the travel direction of the machine. Collected samples from the study were individually assessed for percent coverage using the software application called SnapCard.


atom 1000, spray, degree of coverage, image analysis.

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