The Dynamic, Characteristics and Challenges of Organic Raspberry Cultivation Worldwide and in Romania

Raluca Maria Hărțăgan, Aurel Maxim, Antonia Odagiu, Claudia Balint, Ramona Livia Buzan


Red berries, such as raspberry, are known for their nutritious content and organoleptic properties. Along with the evolution of the organic agriculture sector, the premises of a dynamic international market, in a continuous growth, were set, with a taste for fresh organic products. The raspberry is a fruit-bearing shrub whose cultivation can bring solid profit for farmers, and at the same time to consolidate less fertile lands and bringing value in the ecosystems. The organic practices and methods are appreciated in the field of biodiversity conservation and environmental protection, and alongside the arguments stated previously, can transform investments in this sector into success stories. Romania has a small organic agriculture sector, especially in the orchard sector, but it has the capacity to grow in this matter because of the richness of the soil and its biodiversity.


biodiversity, market, organic agriculture, raspberry.

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