Studies upon Efficacy of Some Semiochemical Products in Monitoring Meligethes Aeneus F. Specie

Ion Oltean, Roxana Apostol, Monica Gorgan, Ștefania Totos, Iuliana Vasian, Alexandru Morozan, Vasile Florian, Teodora Florian


Fighting Meligethes aeneus species is very difficult because, the application of chemical treatments would affect wildlife including pollinators. Also being polyphagous species, a biological reserve is find in the wild flora, near rapeseed field on wild plants, fruit trees and even beet fields, where can be observed a migration of the population. Therefore, at Entomology departament have started a series of research in collaboration with the team of researchers from chemistry, in order to synthesis and verification of some semiochimical products, witch to be able to attract adults. Effectiveness of dispersal variants and types of traps was monitored weekly throughout the flight period of Meligethes aeneus adults. Regardless of the product formulation tested, most capture is achieved by placing the dispenser on yellow panels. Also, regardless of the type of trap used, dispenser 3 it was most effective in capturing this pest.


Meligethes aeneus F., rape, semiochemicals products.

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