The Role of Local Identity in Sustainable Rural Development. Tureni Commune – Living Heritage

Marioara Ilea, Elena Ecaterina Gergely, Lucica Armanca, Anamaria Vâtcă


The research conducted within this work has studied and emphasised the importance of people, facts and events on the rural cultural heritage of the Tureni commune. Several research methods have been used for reaching the goal of the research: a SWOT analysis and an analysis of rural development strategies, following which the high tourism potential is emphasised due to the Tureni Gorge and recreation lakes, namely the development of strategic objectives aiming at 5 key areas: infrastructure, environment, economy, social area, local public administration. Observation has been the richest material, representing time spent in the field, observing people and talking to them. Following the study, we can say that in the Tureni commune there is a cultural and artistic activity that is extremely alive, the inhabitants of the villages preserve many customs, traditional celebrations, create the most beautiful and innovative actions to promote the commune with all its most authentic and beautiful heritage.


rural heritage, traditions, tourism, living resources, authenticity

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