The Medical Waste Management Strategy for the Cluj-Napoca Municipality

Ioan Brașovean, Ioan Oroian, Antonia Odagiu, Camelia Oroian, Claudia Balint, Bianca Bordeanu, Ovidiu Daniel Ștefan


Medical waste is the total waste generated by health institutions, research institutes and laboratories. In addition, they include waste from "minor" or "diffuse" sources, such as those produced during home care (dialysis, insulin injections). The most common and investigated causes of the risks associated with medical waste are lesions due to injuries involving sharp objects such as needles, blades, etc. They are often in contact with pathogens. In the present paper, we will present the general aspects of medical waste, as well as the main stages of its management, according to the measures imposed by the law.


waste, collection, sanitary facilities, circuit

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