Physico-Chemical Characterization of the Surface Water of Someș River

Claudia Balint, Antonia Odagiu, Tania Mihăiescu, Bianca Bordeanu


Romania's water resources are formed by surface waters such us: rivers, lakes, the Danube River (≈ 90%) and underground waters (≈10%). Water pollution not only affects water quality but also threats human health, economic developments & social prosperity. The characterization of surface water quality is the overall assessment of the analytical results obtained periodically in monitoring system. The study presented in this paper aims to monitoring the water quality of the Someș River, along its route in Dej locality, characterizing some physical and chemical quality indicators, namely pH, conductivity and turbidity, between March and May period, 2018. The result reveal that pH over the entire experimental period were within the limits given by the Standard regarding the Surface Water Quality, respectively 6.5-8.5 pH units. The average values obtained for the conductivity are within the normal range for surface waters. The evolution of the medium values obtained for turbidity was atypical in the sense that maximum average values were 7.54 NTU for the whole experimental period in one point of monitoring, the Standard limit being 5 NTU.


monitoring, physical and chemical parameters, surface water, water quality.

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