Microelements Accumulation in sediments. Note III: Lead Accumulation

Giana Popa, Ion Oltean, Antonia Odagiu, Tania Mihăiescu


Metals are found in higher sediment concentrations than in water. Water, more or less, acts as a medium for transporting the elements and therefore the metals have a reduced retention time in the aqueous environment. This depends on the type of metal. The sampling was done to identify how the Pb concentration changes depending on the impact of the contamination sources. According to the present experiment, we have highlighted the Pb concentrations on the basis of which the level of contamination was established, which was subsequently confirmed and justified by the loading of these parameters in the sediment. The highest concentrations in the sediment were recorded for Pb in section 2 downstream of mine water discharge in the Lapus river, the contamination tendency being transferred to section 4. The assessment of the level of sediment contamination was made in correlation with transport aspects alluvial, hydrology and river morphology.


buffer, pollution, redox potential, solubility.

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