Methodology of Traceability Destined to Vegetable Food Resources

Francisc Dulf, Antonia Odagiu, Claudia Balint


Ourdays, food traceability, whatever vegetal or animal, mainly when approached from the point of view of the relationship soil-plant-animal, is real concern worldwide, and involves a series of steps, destined to track de food resources from producers to consumers. The implementation of food traceability relies in preoccupation oriented to consumers’ welfare and increasing exigency of consumers against food quality. This study focuses on emphasizing a methodology for vegetable food traceability, taken into consideration the vegetable area harvested and yield by world, continents European Union, and also Romania. In order to deliver a pattern for vegetable food traceability one must take into consideration the vegetable area harvested and production worldwide, and safe food traceability principles before formulation of each component of the system.


bar-codes, chain, principle, safety, supply.

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