Influence of Innovative Soil Fertilization Solutions upon Enhancing Plum Shoots Resistance against Podosphaera leucotrycha (Ellis & Everh.) E.S. Salmon Attack

Antonia ODAGIU, Bianca Moldovan, Camelia Oroian, Cristian Mălinaș


Fertilization if appropriately selected and administered, may decrease the harmful influences of agricultural inputs. The use of ash resulted from wood debris incineration, as mineral soil fertilizer administered in orchard nurseries has high potential in both growing and protection against pathogens attacks. In this trial we tested the effectiveness of fertilization performed with ash resulted from durmast debris incineration against Podosphaera leucotrycha (Ellis & Everh.) E.S. Salmon attack, in a plum nursery, taking into account the environmental tremperature, and rainfall regimen.


ash, clime, environment, phytopathology, sustainability.

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