Testing Nephrolepis exaltata (L.) Schott. Ability to Be Used as Indoor Air Quality Biomonitoring Agent

Antonia ODAGIU, Ioan Oroian, Claudia Balint, Daniela Bordea


Indoor air pollution ae refers to the physical, chemical and biological characteristics of the air in the interior environment of a house, buildings or institutions. Indoor air quality is the quality of air inside and around buildings and structures, especially in terms of health and comfort of the occupants of the building. This study was developed in order to emphasize the monitoring the capacity of Nephrolepis exaltata (L.) Schott. (apartment fence) to become agents of biomonitoring of indoor pollution in educational spaces. The values of the correlation coefficients and the resulting determination coefficients suggest the existence of interactions between the content of PM2.5 and PM10 in the ambient air and the bioaccumulation capacity of the leaf tissue of the plant taken in the study, which is why it is considered appropriate to deepen this research through further studies.


apartment fern, crude ash, dry matter, variability

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