Polyphenols as Possible Candidates in the Study of Traceability of Food Chain – Short Review

Francisc Dulf, Antonia Odagiu, Daniela Burduhos


This study aims a short reviewing destined to emphasize the usefulness of using polyphenols as traceability food markers. Food traceability practices also represent a useful tool in reducing risk against health safety issues, mainly those that may be produced by different pathogens affecting both plants and animals used as raw material for food production. Among these we mention that these regulations are the base of labelling the food product with the labels PDO, or PGI. A series of definitions have been developed of traceability. The food traceability needs the use of specific tools represented by the traceability markers. In the meantime, analytical markers are usually considered as specific chemical and/or biochemical compounds that possesses specific features, which by measuring deliver useful information that make it useful for measuring. A particular class of compounds have been proved a useful markers for food traceability. They belong to the polyphenols family. They are generally considered secondary metabolites being part of the group of and they have in common the phenolic group, meaning the simple aromatic ring (benzene) and one or more hydroxyl groups.


chemical methodology, DNA, marker, standard

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