The Views of Workers toward Feedback Evaluation and its Standards Proposed for Agricultural Extension Activities in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq

Dara Abduhrahman SALIH KALHORY


The research aims to know the views of workers toward feedback evaluation and its standards proposed for Agricultural extension activities in the Kurdistan region of Iraq. Community research included all Agricultural extension workers which numbered 302 respondents; they were selected from the community by %45, and they became their number136 respondents. Than the researcher used the questionnaire and personal interviews to collect the data and then it was displayed Preliminary form to experts and specialists in management, agricultural extension and psychology to the Validity and Reliability consistency of selection by a Pre-test On the survey sample outside the research community. Then the researcher adopted the statistical methods (Numbers, %, Standard deviation, Arithmetic Mean) and used SPSS version 18 programs in its analysis.The research concludes: Firstly; All the feedback elements proposed are acceptable and it is fixed in the evaluation model of agricultural extension activities because of the weighted arithmetic mean of importance degree from the respondents on the elements is higher than the cutting degree that identified in this study by 3.50 degree. Secondly: All evaluation Standard proposed for evaluation are acceptable and it is fixed because of  the weighted arithmetic means of importance degree from the respondents on the feedback  evaluation standard is higher than the cutting degree that identified In this study by 3.50 degree.The research concludes that the feedback process is an important and essential evaluation processes to ensure the achievement and monitoring of the results of human, physical and moral evaluation, on which the positive results can be judged recognize the stability and continuity of the process of observing the components and other elements of the analytical system, efficiently and effectively  In the field of evaluation of agricultural extension activities in the directorates and departments of agricultural extension in the Kurdistan region - Iraq.


relative importance, standards, feedback, agricultural extension workers.

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