Consumers Perception of Canned Agri-food Products in Sulaymanyah City, Kurdistan Regional Government Iraq

Kazhan Hasan, Hemin Neima, Kawan Ismael, Rezheen Harun, Chawan Hama Salih


There are major changes in food consumption, dietary patterns and Consumers Percept throughout the world. These changes occur as a result of various factors. After the 2003, when the sanctions against Iraq were ended, which was imposed by the United Nations Security Council on Ba'athist Iraq, there was also a significant change in food consumption alongside economy development in Iraq. This change was more noticeably happened in Kurdistan region of Iraq which was initially enjoying an economic boom due to security in the region. Since then, the increase of job opportunity and the income level of residents in Kurdistan region has developed. Meanwhile, the route of marketing and shopping has significantly changed from local markets to supermarkets and hypermarkets. This development can be considered as an important factor which affect the influence on food demand and consumptions. Previously, Fresh food and traditionally preserved food were mostly consumed and canned food was mostly avoided by people of Kurdistan region. This paper focus on the development of canned food consumption and changes of the perception and attitudes toward canned food consumption in Sulaymaniyah City; and the reasons in changing their consumption pattern within the last 16 years. This research was conducted in Sulaymaniyah City, Kurdistan region of Iraq, during in 2019.


canned food, food consumption, consumer behavior, Sulaymaniyah City, Kurdistan Region.

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