The Influence of the Tillage System on Weed Spectrum in Soybean Culture

Alina Şimon, Felicia Cheţan, Marius Bărdaş, Valeria Deac, Alin Popa, Vasile Oltean


Soybean is one of the most important sources of protein all over the world, in its crop technology, the biggest
problem in yielding is the weeds. Weeds are uncultivated, economically unprofitable plants that compete with crop plants
from emergence to harvesting, affecting harvest production and quality. Since in Romania the crop area to which
conservative tillage systems are growing, it is necessary to analyze their impacts and the degree of enrichment. The data
from the researches carried out during the period 2013-2018 show that the number of weed species existing in the case of
application of the minimum tillage systems is higher, especially of the perennial species, than in the case of the classical
tillage system, in the minimum tillage system being determined and species not normally encountered in agricultural
crops cultivated in Transylvania Plain.


climatic conditions, soybean, tillage system, weeds, yield.

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