Influence of Ploughing on Soil Apparent Density, Humidity and Water Reserve

Gheorghe Cârciu, S Alda, M Danci, T Cristea, A.S. Rain, P.D. Babău


Water is one of the most important factors in plant life. To obtain high yields, it is necessary for plants to benefit
from the presence of water throughout the vegetation period. At present, climate conditions are increasingly unfit for
agricultural crops. Global warming, as well as lower rainfall, especially in the summer months, affect agricultural crops.
As much as possible, we need to ensure the necessary water in the critical periods of each crop. Soil systems, applied at
the optimum time and respecting the technology of each crop, allow the storage of water in the soil. Of the soil works,
deep work such as scarification, mudslinging and deep ploughing plays a primary role in the soil water supply. In Lovrin,
Timis County, Romania, apparent density ranged from 1.26 g/cm
 to 1.48 g/cm
. Soil moisture in the spring is 25.88% in
the first 50 cm and a soil water reserve of 1,736.90 m
/ha. In the autumn, soil moisture reaches about 20% and a soil water
reserve of 1,344.47 m
/ha. Typical poorly gleaned chernozem from Beba Veche shows average values of apparent density
above 1.42% in the first 50 cm with humidity values ranging from 23.15% (10-20 cm) to 24.62% (40-50 cm). In summer,
the ground water reserve was only 1,222.10 m
/ha. In the case of the typical poorly gleaned chernozem with a low salinity
below 100 cm from Teremia Mare, in the processed layer, 25-30 cm, apparent density ranges between 1.24 g/cm
1.28 g/cm
, with humidity values ranging from 25.32% (10-20 cm) and 27.46% (40-50 cm) in the spring. In summer, the
value of the water reserve is 1,302.05 m
/ha, while in the autumn it was 1,423.33 m
/ha. Apparent density (Ap) values
for moist phreatic cambic chernozem in Comloşu Mic oscillate between 1.20 g/cm
 (in the spring) and 1.32 g/cm
 (in the
autumn). Soil humidity is directly correlated with the amount of precipitation during the year. The water reserve in the
first 50 cm is 1,729.91 m

/ha in the spring and 1,458.02 m
/ha in the autumn


grain maize, soil samples, apparent density, soil moisture, soil water reserve.

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