Ion Chromatography - an Advantageous Technique in Soil Analysis

Rajmund Michalski, Edward Muntean, Paulina Pecyna-Utylska, Joanna Kernert


The content of organic and inorganic substances in soils plays a very important role in their quality and use. The
importance of inorganic and organic anions and cations in soil quality is huge, thus we need a suitable analytical methods
for theirs determination in such complex matrices. In this range ion chromatography is an advantageous instrumental
analytical technique. It has been used in most areas of analytical chemistry and has become a versatile and powerful
technique for the analysis of a vast number of ions present in the environment, food and many other matrices, including
soils. The key to valuable data when carrying out ions analyses in soils is the use of correct and reproducible sample
preparation methods. The paper reviews the principles of ion chromatography and its application in soil research. Ion
chromatography is used to provide information on the fate of nutrient anions resulting from agricultural practices and to
determine soil nutrient retention and leaching rates. It is widely accepted as the standard reference methodology for many
analytes in different samples matrices including soil analysis.


soil analysis, ion chromatography, anions, cations, sample preparation.

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