Need to Apply the Minimum Tillage on Sandy Lands

Ion Sărăcin, Olimpia Pandia, Liviu Olaru, Florina Grecu, Aida Patricia Sărăcin, Eliza Ştefania Tănasie


The evaluation of the management of the soil quality represents the process of measuring the changes that took
place in the quality of the soil, as results of the agricultural practices adopted for the improvement of the economical
performances obtained for the same field surface. In work is presented a set of indicators regarding the main characteristics
of the health status of the soil. Indicators selected for evaluation of the management of soil quality must show which are
the present performances of the soil and how can be preserved and improved their functions for future usage. The selected
indicators can refer to physical, chemical, biological characteristics or at processes that took place at the level of the soil.


erosion, performances, soil quality, soil degradation.

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