Influence of Ploughing on Soil Apparent Density, Humidity and Water Reserve

Sorin Stănilă, Ovidiu Ranta, Adrian Molnar, Valentin Dan Crişan, Ovidiu Marian, Andreea Stănilă


Rapid technological developments in recent years have brought radical changes to the working
environment in the agricultural sector. Agriculture has entered a new era where the key to success is access to
fast information gathering and elaborate decision-making process. In order to get high yields, a farmer must
use information obtained by choosing the latest gadgets advances in research and technology. Farm
management refers to decision taking and applying them for the purpose of organizing and operating a farm
in order to achieve maximum yield and profit. Essential components of a farm management platform include
crop-specific technologies, user-friendly interfaces, automated data processing functions, specialist knowledge
and user preferences, etc. all available at affordable prices to farmers.


agricultural software, farm management functions, farm management structure.

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