Green Seeker, an Automatic Control System for Variable Rate Fertilizer Application. A Bibliographic Study

Adrian Daniel Păcurar, Ovidiu Ranta, Adrian Molnar, Ovidiu Marian, Marcel Duda, Roxana Alexandra Sabo, Georgiana Petruţ


A real-time crop sensor for site specific input application is the new innovation in the field of precision
agriculture. The Green Seeker® crop sensor is an active light source optical sensor that is used to measure plant
biomass and display as NDVI (Normalized Difference Vegetation Index). When you pull the trigger, the measured
NDVI reading appears on the LCD display immediately. Green seeker is used for various purposes in precision
farming like measure of crop nitrogen deficiencies, prediction of yield potential, crop conditions, measure
application of fertilizer at variable rates and control chemical applications, weed mapping, biomass and plant
canopy measurement. The active light source is a major advantage of the Green Seeker sensor.


foliar fertilizer, response surface methodology, nitrogen maps generator, spray parameters, variable spraying.

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