Methods of Inventory of the Flora in Natura 2000 Site Ierii Valley

Cristina Avram, Marian Proorocu, Antonia Odagiu, Maria Tupiţă, Ilie Adrian Stoica


For the inventory of flora, research and investigation methodologies and techniques need to be validated,
methodologies that provide information with a high degree of accuracy. The purpose of the paper is to update inventories
for flora species - mainly fauna and habitats in the community site ROSCI0263 Ierii Valley, aiming at the implementation
of the management plan for the preservation of species, habitats and landscape elements. The work will contribute to the
regulation of the activities carried out within the Natura 2000 site ROSCI0263 Ierii Valley. So, we will identify and apply
the best management actions correlated with the specifics and needs of the respective area.


Natura 2000 site, inventory, species, flora, methodologies.

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