Assessment of Heavy Metal Contamination in the Soils nearby “Larga de Sus” Mine (Romania)

Gianina Elena Damian, Valer Micle, Ioana Monica Sur


Heavy metal contamination of soils is a widespread environmental problem associated with mining operations and
has drawn considerable study interest, due to its impact on ecological environment. The present study consisted in the
determination of heavy metals concentration in the soils nearby “Larga de Sus” mine (Zlatna mining perimeter,  Romania).
Thus, the concentration of Pb, Cu, Cr, Zn and Cd in twenty soil samples collected from ten soil sampling sites was
determined by atomic absorption spectrometry. In spite of the fact that mining activity is nowadays completely stopped,
the results of the chemical analysis indicated that the soil in the study area is still highly polluted with Pb since the
identified concentrations of Pb (10.4-3136.0 mg/kg) in soil exceeds the intervention threshold limits established by the
Romanian legislation in most of the samples collected


heavy metals concentration, “Larga de Sus” mine, soil, pollution.

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