An Insight into the History of Scientific Concerns about Soil Pollution in Maramures County

Marcela Hreniuc, Bogdan Cioruţa, Mirela Coman


Expansion of cultivated areas, intensification of agricultural production process, industrialization and excessive
urbanization, are so many causes that make the soil unable to fulfill its functions. Through this paper, we try to capture
the research evolution on the soil pollution in Maramures county. Soil pollution in Maramures county is known to produce
numerous discussions with high methodological importance for environmental impact assessment strategies and
sustainable development politics of local and regional community. Taking into account the classical experimental models
of soil pollution monitoring and the modern theoretical models of soil pollution assessment, we studied the possibility to
implement and update the actual approach in the soil protectection field. Among different methodologies considered over
time for characterization of soil pollution, we are doing a comparative study in order to understand the soil pollution
evolution concerns. We first index the operating mode of those who in their works have studied soil pollution for the
Maramureș county and after we extract the patterns of the methodology approached. The combined use of classical
monitoring approach (via standard equipment, classical data preparation and disemination the results) and modern
approach (via dedicated applications for all steps monitoring process) is revealed for the last decades and for the wellknowing

polluted area of Baia Mare and its surroundings. In the present paper we demonstrated that the innovative
technology associated with Environmental Information Systems applied for the soil pollution monitoring and assessment
can be an alternative to classical monitoring approach.


classic vs. modern approach, Maramures County, scientific concerns, soil pollution.

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