Investigations on the Quality of Soil and Air in the Somes Nord Industrial Area of the City of Cluj-Napoca

Ioana Monica Sur, Rareş Zoltan, Valer Micle, Gianina Elena Damian


The paper presents investigations on the quality of environmental factors (soil and air) in the Somes industrial area
of the city of Cluj-Napoca. In order to assess the quality state, the following environmental factors were investigated: soil
and air. For the purpose of this study, soil samples were taken from 5 areas near trading companies chosen for monitoring.
Air quality was assessed based on data collected from the industrial air monitoring station for the air in the investigated
area and by collecting sedimentary particle samples. The purpose of this paper is to highlight the quality of the
environment in the industrial area of Cluj-Napoca city


air, environmental factors, industrial area, soil, quality.

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