Results of the Administration of Amendments and Fertilizers on Soil Properties

Olimpia Pandia, Ion Sărăcin, Liviu Olaru, Florina Grecu, Aida Patricia Sărăcin, Eliza Ştefania Tănasie


In Romania, corn crops occupy two wheat crops, where it finds a favorable environment in almost all regions of
the country for development and the production of grain yields and a record green mass.The purpose of this paper is to
explain the importance of knowing the physical, hydro physical and chemical properties of the soils studied by
administering amendments and chemical fertilizers, in order to obtain the desired productions. The researches take place
in the commune of Cârcea in Dolj Celaru, SC TRANS SRL, where the amendments with CaCO3
 and mineral fertilization
with NPK were applied in different quantities, and the effect on the agrochemical properties of soil with effect on
production was applied. Also important is soil fertility and changes due to the application of CaCO3
 and NPK, with direct
consequences on the production of corn grain. It should be noted that most newly established agricultural companies
cannot provide the best technologies and the crops, varieties and hybrids used are only profitable by the correct
administration of chemical, organic and water fertilizers.


chemical fertilizers, amendments, physical properties, soil fertility.

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