Studies and Research about the Anthropogenic Impact Assessment on the Water Quality of Salty Lakes from the Protected Area Salina Turda

Liliana Rus, Simona Elena Avram, Ovidiu Mera, Valer Micle


The research described in this paper performs a centralization of the dates for the open lakes for recreation and
treatment, after 7 years from opening. In the context of the work, it has been achieved environmental analyses for „Ocnei”
and „Rotund” lakes, located in the Salina Turda area. It has pursued the evolution of the quality parameters on depth of
the lakes, intended for the tourist activity as well spa. The monitoring process was achieved through the deployment of
one measurement campaign developed in April 2016. From this research results that the lakes have a tendency to lose
basicity and the temperature increases with the increasing of the depth, which determines the presence of heliotherm


Salina Turda, water quality, salty lakes.

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