Valuation of By-products Resulted from Industrial Processes in Soil Fertilization. A Case Study: Ash Used as Soil Fertilizer 1 2 for Apple Sapplings

Antonia Odagiu, Ioan Oroian, Marian Proorocu, Bianca Moldovan, Camelia Oroian, Cristian Mălinaş


One of the most important orchard threes is the apple. In order to obtain satisfactory development of apple saplings
in nurseries, often expressed using the coefficient of slenderness, special concern must be focused on maintaining
conditions, fertilization and phytosanitary treatments, mainly. This study emphasize the advantages of using ash resulted
from durmast debris incineration in an industrial facility of energy producing, in conditions of using the phytosanitary
treatment consisting in mixture Topsin 70 WDG, Dithane M 45 and Calypso 480 SC, for which was reported the highest
coefficient of slenderness by entire study, equal to 5.42, while the weakest results were obtained under the unconventional
treatment with Funres and Oleorgan and fertilization with magnetic fertilizer, with coefficient of slenderness of 3.21, and
with N
, with coefficient of slenderness of 3.65.


coefficient of slenderness, Malus domestica Borkh., 1803, phytosanitary treatment, statistics.

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