Studies on Using Optical Sensors in Agricultural Production

Adrian Molnar-Irimie, Ovidiu Ranta, Ovidiu Marian, Daniel Păcurar, Georgiana Marţiş, Sorin Stănilă


The optical sensors for assessing the condition of crops are based on the analysis of the wavelength of the light
reflected by the vegetal mass, i.e. the measurement of the wavelength type and intensity of light reflected back to the
sensors. In general, optical sensors are based on the ability of vegetation to reflect incident electromagnetic radiation,
which allows for correlation between the qualitative and quantitative data characterizing agricultural crops. Sensors for
measuring crop reflectance can be graded by platform, such as: aerial or spacecraft (satellites, aircraft, unmanned aerial
vehicles, balloons), field means (hand-held sensors, sensors mounted on agricultural machinery).


smart agriculture, precision agriculture, optical sensors, remote sensing.

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