Monitoring the strategic environmental assessment for plans and programmes

Antonia ODAGIU, Ioan OROIAN, Marian PROOROCU, Cristian IEDERAN, Petru BURDUHOS, Claudia BALINT


The monitoring of the implementation of the plans or programmes, from the environmental point of view develops according to a programme elaborated as consequence of development of the strategic environmental assessment (SEA). Usually, the monitoring object is constituted from positive, adverse, expected or not expected, direct, indirect, synergic and cumulative effects. The authority which is responsible of the P/P implementation (P/P owner) has to report the results of monitoring to the authority which emitted the environmental approval as monitoring report. It will allow the authority for the environmental protection to assess the real impact of the plan or programme. The periodical report has an essential role in achieving the SEA aim, meaning the sustainable development from environmental point of view.


strategic environmental assessment; monitoring; environmental problems

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