The organic reconstruction of agricultural fields degraded by slipping (B)



The hereby paper presents the rehabilitation of a land area degraded by landslide and unfit garbage disposal in the proximity of running waters in the Cluj-Napoca area. Soil degradation through landslide occurred in the spring of 2005, as a consequence of the heavy rainfall, the clogged up sewage network of Cluj and the unammended sidewalks for decades. Under these circumstances, the water flood on the streets, resulted from the heavy rainfall, spilled in the nearby gardens, causing severe land dislocations in the proximity of unregulated and garbage- clogged streams. The re-soiling of this degraded land required at first, the regulation of the stream located in the vicinity of the slid surface, then stopping the landslide by building a supporting wall, drawing off the pluvial waters from the damaged area through a pipe- network flowing over into the stream in the vicinity of the land (with a 6% slope of surface). In order to maintain the land stability, earth moving works were performed, the slopes and terraces were overgrown with grass, deep- rooting tree species were planted, the stream is permanently cleaned of the upstream garbage while the rehabilitated area is constantly under careful surveillance.

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