Air Emissions from Agriculture in Austria and Romania

Michael Anderl


A comparative picture of the trends in GHG emissions during 1990 – 2007 in Austria and Romania, within EU –
27 tendencies context, with accent on agriculture sources is presented. The green house gases (GHG) emissions from
agriculture in EU – 27 during 1990 and 2007 are mainly represented by methane (CH4) nitrous oxide (N2O) and
ammonia (NH3). In Austria, all sectors have a decreasing tendency during the analyzed interval. In Romania, during
analyzed interval, the GHG emissions from Romanian sector agriculture had the same decreasing tendency. The main
driving force in methane and nitrous oxide decrease, in both studied situations (Austrian and Romanian agricultural
sectors, respectively), is the declining number of animals. Concerning the ammonia emissions, the decrease was the
result of improvement in different sectors: housing, storage, spreading, and animal diets.


greenhouse gases, industry, methane, nitrous oxide, ammonia

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