Environmental Politics Applied on Contaminated Sites within 6 North-West Region

Marian Proorocu, A. Dinuţă, Raluca Haţegan, Antoanela Popovici, P. Beldean, Sînziana Pauliuc


Soil is a vital factor for human activities and also for all ecosystems development. Soil is in a continue evolution influenced by pedogenetic factors and human activities. Following the last decades intense industrialization, soil pollution intensified. In 6 North-West Region, areas with different soil pollution levels have been identified. According to the partial inventory, this phenomenon was generated especially by the industrial activities, most of all by mining and chemical industry. Among these, a good example is the hexachlorocyclohexane soil pollution from Turda Area. The soil quality from this region is also affected by other activities like: waste disposal, oil and natural gases extraction.


polluters, waste, disposals, contamination, sites

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