Reconstruction of the Vegetation on Sterile Dumps from Doman and Anina Wells (County of Caraş – Severin)

L. Dancea, V. Mazăre, I. Gaica


One of the most aggressive forms of degradation Landschafts agricultural and forestry by mining is that out of the circuit, temporarily or permanently huge territories. After mining activities occurring soil amendments, agrochemical and biological phenomena occurring in nature in November Geomechanics, subsidence, land slides, quantitative and qualitative changes in surface water and groundwater, but also air quality. Number of extraction wells decreased significantly in the early twentieth century in turn has increased their level of technical endowment is gradually passing from using steam power to electricity use. At the same time increased and the depth extraction wells from Anina. Restoration comes from the Latin term "Restauro" - to repair, restore, to rebuild, a renewed, restore, restore. Branch ecology dealing with environmental recovery process is called ecological restoration and destruction of natural landscapes is called organic Retrogresiune.


dumps, field, exploitation

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