Phytoremediation Possibilities for Contaminated Mining Areas from Romania

Mirela Coman, V. Oros, Emilia Miloiu, G. Taro, R. Pop


Mining activities, which have been carried out in Romania for centuries, resulted in pollution of large areas, affecting negatively the environment and representing a threat for human health. This paper aims to prove that in Romania can host a relatively new, costly efficient and sustainable remediation technique for contaminated mining sites, namely phytoremediation. The applicability of phytoremediation for remediation of contaminated areas was proven by several demonstration projects carried out worldwide. It has a very positive impact on the landscape aesthetics, resulting in a high public acceptability. Moreover, the climate and soil conditions in Romania allow the use of several plant species which can remove contaminants from water and soil. It is therefore concluded that the successful implementation of phytoremediation on contaminated mining sites in Romania can be achieved, but under certain conditions. These conditions include the promotion of this technology by finding appropriate ways to transfer know-how and to build capacity at the level of public institutions and organizations dealing with remediation of the mining areas.


mining activities, phytoremediation, environmental impact

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