Assessing Linearity of the Parasite Varroa destructor DNA Amplification

Antonia Odagiu, I. Oroian, A. Vlaic, Al. Mărghitaş, P. Mazzone, E. Caprio, D. Dezmirean


The importance of honeybee products make of disease prevention and control in honeybees one of the main concerns of beekeepers in the world. The PCR – RT reaction represents an alternative for amplification performed in order to realize the Varroa destructor O. genotypization, very important stage in haoneybee resistance to parasite description and also in management of the treatments. The linearity data is a very important parameter and very useful in determination of the amplification of the parasite DNA and success of the genotypization process. The amplification efficiency was very satisfactory, fact revealed by the value of the regression line y = - 2.3103 * 26.552 together with coefficient of determination equal (r2 = 0.9691), meaning that more than 96% of the reaction efficiency may be explained by the process liniarity. The implementation of the RT-PCR method was successful and it represents a premise for validation process evolution.


Varroa, RT-PCR, linearity, efficiency

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