Legislation Concerning the Soil and Subsoil Protection in Romania

Braşovean I., Laura Paulette, C. Iederan, P. Burduhos


Appeared on the European agenda in the early 1970s, environmental concern becomes one with the distinct signal from the Club of Rome, on diminishing natural resources and deterioration of water quality, air and soil. Creating Community environmental policy was made two years later (1972), developing as one of the most important Community policies. Its importance stems from the fact that environmental policy has become horizontal EU policy, environmental issues are considered binding on other EU policies. Regulations on procedures for investigation and assessment of soil and subsoil remediation in areas where soil, subsoil and terrestrial ecosystems were affected and those relating to protection of soil, subsoil and terrestrial ecosystems, are established by decisions of government, the proposal central public authority for environmental protection.


environment, natural resources, policy, EU

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