Municipality of Cluj-Napoca – The Quality of Wastewaters. Note 1. Monitoring Disolved Oxygen

Odagiu Antonia


The results of monitoring the disolved oxygen from municipal wastewater collected from the Cluj – Napoca channels network are presented in this paper. Monitoring was performed during one year and five months. The water samples were harvested from three distinct areas of the same municipal collection channel (Canalul Morii – Mărăşti quarter, Canalul Morii - Parcul Mare and Pârâul Popii – inside of the University of Agricultural Sciences and Veterinary Medicine Cluj – Napoca). The samples were instumentally analyzed (amperometry) and statistical processed with STATISTICA v. 7.0. During entire experimental time interval, values that did not exceed the established limits for disolved oxygen in water were recorded. An average of 4.50 mg/L was obtained by entire experimental time interval with a maxim of 4.92 mg/L and a minim of 4.23 mg/L.


oxygen deficit, instrumental analyze, amperometry

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