Monitoring Selective Waste Collection – Desiderate or Reality in Cluj-Napoca?

Odagiu Antonia, I. Oroian, Laura Paulette, I. Bra?ovean, C. Iederean, P. Burduhos


After brief overview of features related to the concepts of waste and selective waste collection, the study presents the features related to the implementation of selective waste collection in Cluj - Napoca in 2009. Cluj Environmental Protection Agency has the duty of monitoring waste management in Cluj - Napoca, generally speaking, and of the household, in particular. In the end of 2009, the selective waste collection was implemented only partially, the quantities of municipal waste recycled and recovered were still low. For greater efficiency of selective waste collection system in Cluj - Napoca is recommended: better public information campaign, launching programs to educate for a clean environment and increased awareness efforts of all stakeholders (public and competent bodies in the field) on the importance of practicing a system of selective waste collection.


monitoring, municipality, selective collection, implementation, programmes

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