Selective Collection of Used Portable Batteries

Popi?? Gabriela Emilia, Antoanela Popovici, Raluca Ha?egan


One of the main sources of pollution with heavy metals in municipal landfills, is the used portable batteries. An analysis of soil pollution with heavy metals from the waste landfills show that the predominantly heavy metals are: lead, zinc, cadmium, manganese and nickel.
The selective collection of portable batteries has been required by EU legislation (2006) transposed in Romanian legislation (2008), and is important because of heavy metals content of portable batteries. Under the law, the minimum collection rate to be achieved by producers is 25% until September 26, 2012 and 45% until September 26, 2016. Currently, the selective collection of portable batteries is practiced by a very small scale, the population like the end user, is not sufficiently informed about the importance of this category of waste, and the facilities themselves are relatively small.


collection, portable batteries, hazardous waste, metals

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