Legislative Framework and Objectives of Medical Waste Management

Bra?ovean I., I. Oroian, C. Iederan, C-tin MIHAI-OROIAN, A. Fle?eriu, P. Burduhos


Waste regime is governed by the Government Emergency Ordinance no. 78/2000 transposing into national legislation EC Directive no. EC Directive 75/442 on waste and no. 91/689 on hazardous waste.
Waste management operations involving the collection, transport, recovery and disposal, including surveillance of these operations and care of their storage areas after closing. Waste management are priority objectives: to prevent or reduce waste production and the degree of their dangerousness and reuse and recovery of waste by recycling or recovery or any other process to obtain secondary raw materials or the use of waste as energy source. The main legal rules concerning the management of medical waste, is how regulation is collected, packaged, is temporarily stored, transported and disposed of such waste. Compliance with legislative requirements and obligations by producers, transporters, and the authorities dealing with the recovery, treatment and disposal of medical waste, converge to the objectives set out in the integrated waste management system.


legislation, waste management, medical waste

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